Welcome to the website of a brand new Minecraft Network and community called Nexi!

The main goal is to become a long running server that everyone enjoys playing on! 😊

Got any feedback? Message an admin ingame or on Discord as we are always trying to improve your playing experience!

Survival Server (1.14.4)

To switch it up and stand out from other servers, we developed a special chunk claiming system which uses EXP.


  • Custom coded Network.
  • Sell and buy items from other players on the market with EXP.
  • Easy grief prevention with a nexus using EXP.
  • Visit daily to claim rewards every day.
  • There are rewards for voting.
  • Not pay-to-win.
  • More stuff planned!


  • No cheating, hacking, exploits, etc.
    If your client gives you an unfair advantage, consider it against the rules.

  • Be respectful
    Don't bully. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Watch your language
    No racism, no excessive swearing, so keep it at least a bit family friendly.

  • No advertising
    No. Don't. Unless it is something related to us.

  • Have fun!
    If you don't have fun, please contact the owner (Michielcx) on Discord. Thanks.